If you love outdoor activities and love to travel, let visit Tay Nguyen and be amazed by these incredible waterfalls.



Dray Sap Waterfall





In E De language, an ethnic minority in Vietnam, Dray Sap Waterfall means “smoky waterfall.” Just like its name, the water here falls in a curve shape, creating a giant curtain of smoke. If you want to travel there, you have to find your way to Dray Nur, or just hop on the bus number 13 and it will drop you right at the gate to this heavenly place. The scene is astonishing in clear and sunny weather, so check your schedule and weather forecast before visiting.



Dray Nur Waterfall





This is another great waterfall in Dak Lak, about 30km from Buon Ma Thuat C. From the city center, follow the 14 National roads, turn left near the 14 Bridge, and you will see the Dray Nur Waterfall. With his 200m of length and 30m height, it is like a natural wall standing between Dak Nong and Dak Lak. The trip to visit the inside caves is also highly recommended.



Thuy Tien Waterfall





Also called as “3-level waterfall”, you will have to travel a little longer since it is located about 56km from Buon Ma Thuot City. The waterfall is created by three level of stone with different height. The first level has a low slope and is easy to step on The second level 2 is wider with many steps taking you to small lakes looking like fabulous outdoor bath. The third level, where the water ends is much higher, and the water falls vertically to the ground and creates a deep lake.



Bay Nhanh Waterfall





Bay Nhanh – or Seven Fall – is a fantastic attraction in Ea Wer, Dak Lak. The name of the waterfall come from the fact that the Serepok river is divided into seven small rivers and create an extraordinary view of Bay Nhanh waterfall. This is a great destination for anyone who want to get a rest from the busy live, noisy streets and who want to enjoy the sound of nature.


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