Sophie is the founder with her husband Philip Meyer of Feeling Tropic, a furniture, and decoration boutique in Saigon. She welcomed us in her house located in a quiet but alive and central area: the district 2 of HCMC. Whether in life or in her interiors, Sophie’s imagination is always in harmony with his flawless sense of style and elegance.

Some pieces of furniture come from her shop or found during her travels, designer pieces, souvenirs… Meeting at Tea time with a Vietnam lover.




Bliss Saigon: Sophie, What is the little story behind your house?

Sophie Meyer: We wanted above all to live in a house with a strong Vietnamese spirit. Our traditional house reminds us daily the Vietnam of yesterday. A Vietnam very different from today modernizing at high speed.





BS: Could you describe us the general atmosphere of your home?

Sophie Meyer: The structure of our house is inspired by the ancient traditional houses of Hoi An and Hanoi, with columns,  and wooden beams, terracotta roof, and polished concrete floor with traditional cement tiles. The house is situated in the middle of a small lush garden, like a small oasis in the heart of Saigon.





BS: What is your favorite room, where you like to be and spend time?

Sophie Meyer: The central room giving access to all other rooms is by its function and its old structure our favorite space where we receive our friends and where we spend most of our time.


BS: A deco trick for storage?

Sophie Meyer: Live with the essential and do not burden yourself with



BS: Rather candle or rather atmosphere perfume?

Sophie Meyer: I prefer Ambiance Perfume. I love the ‘Tranquility, Treasure, and lime’ ambiance perfume from « Woo ».





BS: The object you most loved?

Sophie Meyer: My Chinese wardrobe in red lacquer custom-made by a craftsman

resident in the antiquers’ street of Saigon.


BS: Who takes care of the decoration at home?

Sophie Meyer: Being a mixed couple with different origins, (I am French and my husband is Danish ) We inspire mutually each other and discuss a lot of new ideas. We like to change the decoration details of our home quite often.


BS: Your favorite style? Rather Design, Vintage, Charm, Mix and match?

Sophie Meyer: For this old house, we needed to mix some vintage design with some Asian style things. Non-Asian furniture and items come from the range of furniture we develop for our private and professional clients.




BS: You founded Feeling Tropic in Saigon 15 years ago, did you always wanted to open a shop in Saigon?

Sophie Meyer: Yes, it was obvious because it is closely linked to our furniture export activities which bring us a good inspiration on current trends.


BS: How would you define the style of furniture and items you are selling at Feeling Tropic?

Sophie Meyer: We focus mainly on products where design and especially materials allow outdoor and indoor use. Working in a demanding climate (strong sun and rain) requires us to search and develop the best possible materials.


BS: In the decoration field, what is the current trend speaking to you the most today?

Sophie Meyer: The mix of natural material like wood, stones, cork etc…


BS: According to you, what is a beautiful interior?

Sophie Meyer: When an airy decoration allows the good highlighting of every piece of furniture or decorative item in the house.


And the worst ‘faux-pas’ deco?

Sophie Meyer: The accumulation of decorative objects on furniture or walls.


BS: The address of your favorite brands for home decoration?

Sophie Meyer: I fell in love with AMAI tableware ceramic and the pretty velvet and silk bedspreads from Linh Furniture.

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